Chief Keef – Kill ‘Em Lyrics

Like Terio, ooh
Kill ’em
Like they can fuck with me
Ooh, kill ’em

Kill ’em, kill ’em
Kill ’em, kill ’em, kill ’em
Sosa ’bout to kill ’em
Kill ’em, don’t kill ’em, don’t kill ’em
Kill ’em, kill ’em, kill ’em
Niggas be like kill ’em
Kill ’em, don’t kill ’em
Kill ’em, don’t kill ’em
Kill ’em, kill ’em
Niggas be like kill ’em Sosa, kill ’em
Kill ’em Sosa, kill ’em
I hate you Sosa, I’ma kill you
Hate you Sosa, I’ma kill you
Aye, aye

[Verse 1]
I’m burning up, I start hella fires
Bitch I’m smoking on some hella fire
What you smoking is a hella lie
But you think it smell like hella loud
I’m smoking kill ’em
Niggas be like auntie, Sosa killer
I got some (?)
Pull up on yo block, tell my shawtys go get ’em
You can’t drive my car bitch, go to yo dealer
You can’t lay here with me bitch, go to yo nigga
Two pints of lean to sip, two pounds of earth to smoke
Them ain’t real diamonds, what you purping for?
Get a M-6, paint it bright like what you purply for?
Officer, what you search me for?
Got a (?)

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